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Sleepy Time - Indica x CBN Tincture 300mg

  • Type: Indica

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Another custom formulation done right, This Sleepy Time Tincture is great for our Medical Patients battling Insomnia due to high pain. If you can't find anything to put you to bed at night, THIS is the product for you!
PER DROPPER/PER SERVING there is - 2.28mg THC, 0.34mg CBN. Recommended 2 FULL droppers for patients looking to knock out tonight!
CBN, offers a unique profile of effects and benefits that have researchers clamoring for more scientific investigation. So far, CBN’s studied benefits include: Pain relief Anti-insomnia Promotes growth of bone cells Antibacterial Anti-inflammatory Anti-convulsive Appetite stimulant. CBN’s most pronounced, characterizing attribute is its sedative effect, and according to our friends at Steep Hill Labs, 5mg of CBN is as effective as 10mg dose of diazepam, a mild pharmaceutical sedative. For those of you who rely on cannabis to resolve a night of tossing and turning, a little CBN might do you some good.
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